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Established in 1981, Construction Machinery is now the leading magazine in China construction machinery field. It is a professional media that delivers information, reports and articles that describe the market demand and technology of construction machinery. In 2006, Construction Machinery was semimonthly magazine. Besides of the previous contents, Construction Machinery also bring international construction information to the China.That is why Construction Machinery is popular many readers, from construction equipment industry, which include manufacturers, sales representatives, distributors, engineers and builders.
The main fields where readers cover are as follows.
Construction &Civil Engineering (27%), Water and Electricity (8%),
Road &Railway Construction (29%), Manufacture (6%),
Distribution (9%), Government, R&D (5%),
Oil, Coal & Agriculture (16%)
The regions of circulation coverage are as follows.
East China (29%), South China (14%), North China (18%),
Central China (19%), Northeast China (9%), Southwest China (4%),
Northwest China (7%).

Construction Machinery is sponsored by Beijing Institute of Construction Mechanization. It’s the core journal of China construction, distributed in domestic and abroad.




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